Game Jam

In this activity two groups started a very ambitious task, they were going to create a game in less than two days. They started with the same theme: colorful. But the results could not have been more different! One group made an educational platformer on the different LGBT+ identities and the other created a bullet hell game in which you battle depression. You can play them through the links below!

The team on Rainbow Frogs:

During our first meeting we brainstormed about our idea and divided the tasks. We started with the idea of the rainbow and from there we grew into the idea of using the different LGBT+ rainbow flags in our game. One of us researched the different kinds of identities we wanted to represent, another designed the characters and background, someone else designed the world in which the game would take place and lastly, someone designed the gameplay in Construct. The next day we combined our work and thought it all went well. Until… our project in Construct crashed. We had to redo all our programming work in only three hours. We nearly didn’t make it, but eventually we uploaded the game seconds before presenting it. Nevertheless, we are all proud of the result. Click here to play the game

The team on Dark Place:

We started off wanting to make a bullet hell game. From the theme 'colorful' we developed the idea that a girl has fallen into a depression and lost all the color in her life. We made the enemies her own negative thoughts and even managed to fit in a final boss. Will she be able fight off her depression and see colors again? Click here to play the game