Current Board

Meet the board individually 


Hi, I'm Maud (@maudjanssen._)and I'll be this year's chair! I'm 21 years old and just finished my bachelor Media and Culture, where I choose the specialisation film. This year I'll be taking a gap year, so I will have all the time to plan fun activities and listen to your ideas for future projects! I'm really looking forward to see all of you the coming year :)


My name is Kamen Roussev. (@kamenroussevI am 21 years old and I am the Secretary of StudioM for this year. When a student sends us an email, I am the first to respond and begin with the assistance, so your media related dreams come into fruition. Furthermore, even if you don't have a project idea, but you need a buddy to discuss the latest movies, come by the office and we'll do that over cookies and milk :)



Hey my name is Luana (@luamorenos), but everyone calls me lua. So feel free to do so too! I am a 2 years Media and Culture bachelor student and I will be your treasurer for this board. So whenever you need to finance or discuss rental of equipment for your dream project I am the one to call (or email)! Can’t wait for all that is to come this year!


Hey guys! My name is Kimmo (@kimmohou), your commissary of external affairs. I’m a second year media and culture student and I’ll be in charge of different sponsorships and communication with our partner companies as well as the connections between different external parties. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and don’t hesitate to contact me about any of our facilities and partners!