Ongoing Projects for 2022-2023


Maik is producing a podcast, which will be about and with different people about media, culture and society!



Siris is currently working on his own song!



Right now, a group (Simon, Pelle, Bibi) is producing a documentary about a special building of UU, so stay tuned!


Short Film Bocce Ball

A group of enthusiastic students is doing a short film for the Queer Film Festival 2023! Stay tuned for more information and the first trailer!

Finished Projects



Op Mijn Eigen Manier - Frank Woutersen and Adinda Duursema

The podcast is available on Spotify and Google Podcasts! 


Music Video

Remmen Los - Matthijs and Joeri


Theatre Play

Waarzin - Zoë van den Heuvel and Anisa Boonman


Short Film

Jachtgeweer - Jimmie van Bussel



Fictional Podcast 

De Taxichauffeur - Emma Heikens 

The taxi driver is a seven-part fiction podcast created by Emma Heikens. Follow a way-too-nosy taxi driver as he drives around a new and interesting passenger each episode. At first these seem like your everyday people, but strange things begin to happen along the way. But more important is that who is the Taxichauffeur himself?

The podcast is available on Spotify.


Trying to Podcast - Artem, Vero and Kali

Trying to Podcast is a podcast by three students who found some time on their hands and decided to give podcasting a try. Podcasyinh is not the only thing they are new to - as international media students, they take their first steps in being independent, shaping as adults and growing professionally. Via the podcast you can follow their journey through their debates and discussions while they're "Trying to Podcast". 

Theatre Play

Typisch - Jort Tjepkema & Anouk van Dijk

Typisch is an absurdistic and unchronological play that will put your mind upside down. Two actors play 12 different characters in typical sketches that each contribute their own part to the story. Getting curious? Jort and Anouk are performing 3 times on June 27th at Zimihc Wittevrouwen. 

Short film

G(end)er - Grey Ravelli 

The producer of this film, Grey Ravelli, is non-binary. “Because I want to create more awareness of what that means for me, and what my experience looks like, I am making a short film that gives a brief glimpse into what it is like! It is autobiographical in the sense that the things in the short film are things that I experience but they are obviously condensed into a single ‘day in the life’ so there are some artistic liberties. If, by telling my story and letting people into what it feels like for me, I can create conversations and more understanding even for a little bit, in my tiny corner of the universe, than it will have been worth it!”

Short film

Maxim's Grot- Youri Wanders

After a short relationship, Emma broke up with Maxim. Maxim has a hard time processing this, but he luckily gets the support of his two best friends. He starts to isolate himself and his reality gets mixed with his fantasies.

The idea for the film is based on texts and books of Maxim Gorky, Jean Baudrillard, Laura Mulvey and John Berger on how reality is mediated with fiction. Youri found a unique way to portray the blurry line between reality and simulation. It's incredible how he made such a good film in a very short time during a pandemic.

TV Pilot

Mis(s)plaatst - Sophie Alink

In Mis(s)plaatst Sophie Alink invites fellow Miss Nederland contestant to have a conversation with her about mental health. By being open about our feelings, we often find out we are not alone and that we can support each other. It is okay not to be okay.

Short Film

Rood - Rianne Kolenbrander

A girl walks alone on the street at night. She has fled her parental home on her way to her grandmother. She's nervous. A dark figure seems to be haunting her. He catches up and speaks to her. His name is Wolf and he convinces her to walk a different route than she normally would. But what are Wolf's intentions?


2020 Alles Anders - Louana Bellettini


Short film

SPELLS - Wianda Rozendaal

As Nes’ boyfriend behaves more and more aggravating, she resorts to her new, risky hobby in an attempt to save her relationship.

Music and Videoclip

FOCUS - LIT & Tjeppie

Jort and Eva had a really cool idea for a song and a videoclip. The song is about finding balance between enjoying the festive studentlife and studying hard to get good grades. The idea to make a song started as a joke, but with some help from Julius (who made the beats), they made something incredible! Their goal is for the song to be recognizable and they also secretly dream about it being played in clubs. 


Theatre Play

Ferry Well - Ella Kooijman

Ferry Well is an English-spoken theatre play by Ella Kooijman in which she combines theatre with film and dance.

To love. To care for. To be happy. It seemed to be within reach. Everything in Donna’s life felt familiar and she felt loved. But from one day to the next, an irresistible feeling takes control over her emotions and changes her reality. Can love come in different shapes? And how will you know for sure? One thing that is sure: all choices have consequences.”

2018 - 2019

Theatre Play

Matenloos - Julia Verheijen and Nikki te Grotenhuis

Matenloos is a tragicomedy, in which the theme loneliness is explored. Matenloos shows in a humoristic way the painful, lonely reality. In this play you follow different people, but their lives are more intertwined than they seem to be at first. 

Music and Video Clip 

SLED - Instafamous - Desi van Horne, Elle Zwinkels and Senna de Groot 

SLED uses a catchy song to critique contemporary consumer culture and the value society imposes on Internet fame.


Short Film

Paradijsvogel 2 - Willem Korsten and Wietske Wijnja

Paradijsvogel 2 is a short movie about writer Hans Everhart who hasn't been able to parallel the succes of his first book Paradijsvogel. He isn't doing to well and only wants to write about his research on the big oil companies, but his publisher doesn't agree with that... Then he feels a gun to his head...