Starting your own project 

Helping others with their project

Do you have an idea for a project? You can pitch your idea to us and we will help you with the process and will (partially) fund your project! Your project can be English, Dutch or any other language. 


What to expect?

You don't necessarily have to have a grand plan already, having the beginning of an idea is fine as well. We can match you with a student, one of our project supervisors, who is experienced within the field you want to explore. If needed, they will guide you through the whole process until the release of your masterpiece. 


How to pitch?

You can pitch your idea to us in several ways: email us (e.g. through the form below), meet us at our office or hit us up in person. 


You don't have the idea or the time to start your own project, but you still want to get some hands on experience? You can offer your assistance in other projects by putting yourself on the interest list or joining the Studio M Community WhatsApp Group chat.


What to expect? 

When signing up for the list you will tick off your skills and interest. You don't have to be a professional in those areas, you just have to be interested. We will contact you when a project is looking for someone in this particular area, or when we see other opportunities for you to get some hands on experience. If you are in the group chat, we will post updates about projects in this group so you can contact the persons and let them know that you would be down to help.


How to apply?

Follow the link below to join the interest list. You don't have to do anything after that, just wait for us to contact you. For the WhatsApp group chat, click the link below to join.

WhatsApp group: